Art Go’den has been crafting fashion accessories since 2005. Now-days, we are a finest Dubrovnik’s fashion brand that remains true to our legacy in leather and silk, while looking forward into to the future with our vision of interpreting local fashion heritage and putting it into context of contemporary fashion market.

What is Local Fashion Heritage? It’s a concept—an approach to everything that we do – that is both grounded in our local heritage and forward mind thinking. It’s the visual identity and feel of our stores. The attitude in our bags, ties, accessories. But it’s also the things that you don’t see, like the way we bring our products and stores to life, and our commitment to cultural, social and environmental responsibility. It’s our consciousness and our company family alike culture – uniquely and authentically Art Go’den.

The Art Go’den story is Croatian story, a Dubrovnik story of dreams and opportunity that resonates around the world. Buy local – accessorize global.



  • Inspire people to feel and look better.
  • Help Dubrovnik and our colleagues to blossom.
  • Use our business as a strength for a good cause.



We believe in inspirational and modern work environment that nurture culture infused with achievement, creativity, learning. We are family oriented pack with diverse individuals who work collaboratively to drive the continued success of our brand. Our brand culture is a true reflection of our family, both who we are and who we aim to become.

  • See possibility in impossible
  • Do more with less
  • Fuse both logic and creativity
  • Nurture difference
  • Integrate individuality as well as teamwork

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