Bridal twill silk scarf

A feminine accessory crafted from soft twill silk and finished with hand-rolled subtle foulard stitching. Primarily worn by men, tracing its origins back in the 17th century worn by Dubrovnik noble men, and later on Croatian mercenaries. Those men’s scarves were referred to as “cravats” (from the French cravate, meaning “Croat”), and were the precursor of the necktie and more so bow tie. Featuring elegant design inspired by local ethnographic heritage, more specifically old filigree jewelry called bridal earrings (a.k.a. ‘nevjestinjske naušnice’), jewelry that was a gift of mother in law to a bride during the wedding ceremony.  Usually worn by different noble and wealthier families, representing social and economical status, as well as affiliation to the area of Dubrovnik, Župa and Primorje.

Add a statement to your dressing with this profound feminine piece.

Material: silk

Color: royal blue& red& gold

Dimension: 90 x 90cm

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