How to tie a tie

Welcome to our guide to tie, it’s time to master the art of manliness and knot-tying.  The best practice comes usually from the one that tie or cravat is deriving from – ‘’Croate’’ (French term for Croatian).  The tie is complementing your appearance and by its nature distinguishing gentleman from a man.  As new technologies revolutionize and streamline our lives, more and more traditional crafts are falling by the wayside or becoming the domain of hobbyists. Among those crafts that were once ubiquitous, but are becoming more obscure is the art of manliness and knot tying.  Here are some of the most common and fashionable ways to tie a cravat.

How to fold a pocket square

So how to wear a pocket square, and which one is the most acceptable and versatile?  Not to be confused with the common handkerchief, the pocket square is the sartorial panache you’ve been looking for, to give your suit jacket look a lift.   It’s time to master the art of styling and folding the pocket square. First thing, avoid matching your tie and pocket square; it’s kitsch and looks overdone.  Welcome to our guide of folding the pocket squares with few most common and stylish looks.

How to wear a scarf

We’re no stranger to sartorial power of accessories such as the silk scarf.  But if you think the only way to wear this piece is by draping it around your neck, we’re about to show you an arsenal of scarf looks. If you’re in need of fresh ways to wear this versatile style staple. A classic or modern silk scarf can add some polish or a dose of cool to any look. Its all about styling.  Here, a few tricks on how to wear this must-have accessory like a fashion connoisseur.





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